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Retrofit freight elevators


Founded in 1979, Taiwan Paiho Limited have gained global recognition for the Trihook touch fasteners, and become the supplier of world’s top 20 sport shoes brands.

Paiho also have abundant experience in production for several industries, including shoes, garment and medical material. Up to 2021, Paiho have invested several manufacturing sites in different countries, including Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In addition, the Paiho have setup marketing and warehouse locations in California and Portland, USA, to supply touch fasteners, digital woven fabric, 4-way stretch fabrics, elastic, elastic, webbings, shoelaces, reflective materials, 2D/3D logo, material processing, molded hooks and bamboo charcoal products.


Paiho invested into Vietnam in 1999 for Southeast Asia market, with the first factory located in Binh Tan district, HCMC. The 10 units freight elevators therein have been in service for more than a decade, therefore the components in gearbox have normally worn out and cause some loud noise.

Due to the lack of technical documents and messy wiring, the maintenance personnel find it very difficult to perform repair work, to get technical support from original supplier, or to replace obsolete components, when malfunction or damage occurs. Moreover, there is no way to determine the root cause of some electrical failures that may lead to some other problem.


1. The geared traction machine is replaced by Nidec-KDS permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine (PM).
2. The control system is upgraded to Jinlix control board and Yaskawa inveter
3. The brand new main control panel is in place with tidy wiring and clear marking.


1. Low noise, low vibration
2. Safer with speed governor
3. 20%~30% more efficient and energy saving
4. More precise in leveling with floor at each stop
5. No mechanical wear on the rotor shaft, longer service life of traction machine
6. No lubrication and oil leakage, easier for traction machine maintenance
7. Stable and seamless control and connection, resulting less electrical failure
8. Operation history is traceable for analysis
9. The used parts, if still functional, can be kept as spare parts of other old elevators

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