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Far East Foam is one of the leading Polyurethane Foam & Bedding Company in Southeast Asia, manufacturing quality foam since 1971, and exports to the U.S.A, Japan, Middle East, Africa, and ASEAN markets. In 2005 they invested into Vietnam and started production. The second Factory, INDOCHINE FOAMTECH COMPANY LIMITED, has started operation since April 2016.

Field of application

  • The foaming production
  • The storage and curing area (wide building span and columns free space)


1. Double girder crane 5t x 28m, 4 sets (installed in 2015)

To handle continuous foaming of 60-meter long bun, the 4 cranes are synchronized in each motion and evenly share the load of long foam gripper underneath. Each crane can also be individually controlled for position adjustment or other lifting purpose.

2. Double girder crane (3t+3t) x 32.7m, 2 sets (installed in 2020)

To handle the 30m long foam blocks in storage and staging area, where usually requires fast speed and long continuous working time in operation, the crane is mounted with two synchronized fixed-type 5ton hoists, with the hoist speed up to 12m/min and the long travel speed up to 40m/min. With technology from solution partner IPF, our cranes can even be integrated into the automatic intra-logistic system for higher efficiency.

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