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Fuco Steels (Tung Ho Steel)
Steel making process cranes


Fuco Steel, established in 2011, is the first Taiwanese steel making company to begin production in Vietnam. The annual output of steel billets is one million ton. After being acquired by Tung Ho Steel in 2016, the company is renamed as TUNG HO STEEL VIETNAM CORPORATION. In 2017, Tung Ho steel extended with R-bars production line, which generate annual output of 600,000 ton.

In 1962, Tung Ho Steel was established, marking the opening of the first H-beam steel plant in Taiwan. This site was also the first steel-rolling plant to consistently utilize continuous casting in production. Moreover, Tung Ho Steel also ventures on many other business areas, including steel structures, tin plate, energy, and environmental protection.

Field of application

  • The steelwork melt shop
  • The scrapyard


The steel mill process cranes are made to work in the harsh and hazardous environment and meet continuous production demands. The challenge to deal with includes severe heat, thick dust, and handling dangerous loads (the open flame and 1700°C molten metal). The harsh environment necessitates crane control cabins and electrical cabinets to be equipped with air-condition and complete isolation.

Double girder crane (200T/70T) x 23m_25m
Double girder crane (120T/40T) x 25m_25m
Double girder crane (80T/30T) x 23m_25m
Double girder crane (60T/20T) x 29.5m_25m
Double girder crane (40T/10T) x 25m_25m
Double girder crane 25T (Crab + magnet) x 25.86m_ 25m

* The crane design and components supplied by MHE-Demag

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