Yiomau Mechanical

Gantry cranes

There are semi and full gantry two available options, also ideal for outdoor use. With gantry crane you can maximize the operating area and build your production in multiple layers.

Technical data

  • Load capacity
typical 5~30ton, up to 80ton
  • Span
typical 8~25m, up to 40m
  • Height
up to 15m
  • Runway up to 240m
typical 12~20m/min, up to 30m/min
  • Lift speed
up to 240m
  • Cross travel speed
typical 12~20m/min, up to 30m/min
  • Long travel speed
typical 20~30m/min, up to 50m/min
  • Duty Classification
up to CMAA Class D, or GB A6



Design variants

Standard full gantry

Full gantry with one cantilever

Full gantry with two cantilevers

Standard semi-gantry

Semi-gantry with cantilever

Electrical features

  • Both single speed and dual speed (Fast/Slow) two options are available
  • Operate by pendant switch control
  • Operate by wireless radio control (Optional)
  • Control power AC 48V, not to cause harm to electrician while checking electrical wires and components
  • Powered via inverter to ensure simultaneous control of several drives and have smooth acceleration and braking characteristics (Optional)
  • Thermal overload relay to protect the hoist motor from overload situation
  • Limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage
  • Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway
  • Overload protective device prevents the user and the crane from dangerous overload situation (Optional)
  • Emergency stop is wired up via a dedicated circuit and contactor to cut off power
  • Show weight info via wireless display which can be mounted to any intended place within transmission range (Optional)