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Single girder overhead cranes
Single girder overhead cranes

This is a cost-effective solution to keep load on the crane runway and building to a minimum, resulting in less overall investment. 

Technical data

  • Load capacity
up to 16ton
  • Span
up to 30m
  • Lift speed
up to 12.5m/min, depends on selected hoist
  • Cross travel speed
typical 12~20m/min, up to 30m/min
  • Long travel speed
typical 20~30m/min, up to 50m/min
  • Duty Classification
up to CMAA Class D, or GB A6

Technical data

Design variants

Electrical features

  • Both single speed and dual speed (Fast/Slow) two options are available
  • Operate by pendant switch control
  • Operate by wireless radio control (Optional)
  • Control power AC 48V, not to cause harm to electrician while checking electrical wires and components
  • Powered via inverter to ensure simultaneous control of several drives and have smooth acceleration and braking characteristics (Optional)
  • Thermal overload relay to protect the hoist motor from overload situation
  • Limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage
  • Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway
  • Overload protective device prevents the user and the crane from dangerous overload situation (Optional)
  • Emergency stop is wired up via a dedicated circuit and contactor to cut off power
  • Show weight info via wireless display which can be mounted to any intended place within transmission range (Optional)